High Risk Transactions

  • Gambling services

  • Vaping 

  • Travel

  • Bankruptcy lawyers

  • CBD industries

Transactions involving increased risk of fraud or loss are undesirable to several world leading payment providers. Categorised into a 'high risk' grouping, providers such as PayPal & Stripe often increase their fees and rates paid by a merchant.


This is due to the provider A) protecting themselves against loss or B) upholding their reputations.


Many leading merchant service providers will process transactions from businesses considered to be within the 'high risk' transaction sector, to then later cut off the merchant. Often only informing the merchant after the decision to suspend or terminate their accounts has been made, leaving the merchant unable to trade.


High Risk transaction groupings often include merchants or services dealing (and not limited to) the below listed industries:






With our processing partners and acquiring banks, we specialise in providing competitive rates, hassle-free integration, same-day payments and 24/7 customer care to 'high risk' sectors. We work with a vast array of businesses within these sectors to provide tailored rates, matching each businesses needs.


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