Swiftpay believe every business in the UK should be able to meet the ever increasing demand to accept credit and debit cards, reliably and cost effectively.


Already trusted by thousands of retail and leisure businesses, we are one of the fastest growing merchant services companies in the UK.

Why SwiftPay?

At SwiftPay, we're dedicated to providing not only the best possible solutions, but also to most applicable to each individual business' needs. We focus on providing tailored offers and services to ensure our assistance is of maximum usefulness case by case.

Whether your business requires a chip and pin terminal in order to maximise in-store efficiency and convenience, or ecommerce solutions to help move your online retail to the next level, we want to help.

We specialise in all forms of merchant services and solutions, no matter your industry or you business size. 

Common solutions include, Apple & Google pay integration for online shops, faster funding times for all of solutions compared to most providers and the highest level of customer care and assistance. 

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